Monday, October 08, 2012

Budget Swapping and Shopping at ClosetDash

Attention New York City budget fashionistas, there's a new affordable way to shop. ClosetDash, founded by Jennifer Lee, started as a well-organized clothing swap party formerly known as ClosetRaid hosted several times a year in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Now, it's also a tiny boutique near Union Square called ClosetDash Shop where you can bring in your new and gently-used clothing, shoes and accessories and swap them for items of a similar value (a clever, color-coded system keeps the process running smoothly).  And if you don't have anything to swap, you can simply come in to shop.  The merchandise is name-brand and the prices are reasonable.  During a recent visit, we scooped up a brand new top and a pair of trouser pants -- both from LOFT.

ClosetDash Shop is located at 30 East 20th, Suite 402.
Hours are Friday - Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 11-5.