Friday, December 31, 2010

Clothing Swaps for the New Year!

2011 Post-Holiday Stop 'N' Swaps from GrowNYC

Clear out all your unwanted, reusable items and bring them to the Stop 'N' Swap,
where you can peruse items left by others and take home things that you can use.
Free!   Clean, working, portable items only, please (no furniture or other large


Staten Island - Saturday, January 8, 11am-2pm
St. George Library, 5 Central Ave at Hyatt St (one block from the Ferry

Manhattan (Inwood) - Saturday, January 22, 11am-2pm
I.S. 52 Cafeteria, 650 Academy St. b/t Broadway & Vermilyea

Bronx (Mott Haven) - Saturday, February 5, 11am-2pm
BronxWorks Betances Community Center, 547 E. 146th St at St. Ann's Ave

Queens (Jackson Heights) - Saturday, February 12, 11am-2pm
Renaissance Charter School, basement cafeteria
35-59 81st St. b/t 37th & 35th Aves

Brooklyn (Ft. Greene) - Saturday, February 26, 11am-2pm
M.S. 113 lobby, 300 Adelphi Street b/t DeKalb and Lafayette

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here's $10 off at

Save on shoes, accessories, handbags and apparel at We've got something for everyone and for a limited time, you can save $10 on that special something. Valid on purchase of $50 or more.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet My Bipolar Cat Gracie

I've been too preoccupied to blog here and on Everything She Wants lately.  Saturday my husband and I finally took the plunge and got a cat.  Sort of.  We are fostering a 10-month-old kitty from For Animals Inc.  Her name is Gracie.  She's an adorable brown and gray-striped tabby.  She's sweet and petite.  Well, at least the petite part is consistent.

Most of the time Gracie is a mellow baby.  She doesn't make much fuss...during the day. She naps, eats, purrs, and attacks her mouse toys.  We take turns petting, pampering, and playing with her.

At night, she's a different animal.

Once it's clear that we've gone to bed, around one in the morning she starts to meow.  And meow.  And meow some more.  

We've been putting her in the bathroom with her litter box and bed when we go out for the day and letting her have free reign of the living room at night.  But once the crying starts, in the bathroom she goes, where she continues her meow remix.

Did I mention she's adorable?  I'm getting really attached, however, I'm getting really annoyed too. We can't figure out if she's sick (she's been sneezing and may be trying to cough up a hair ball) or if she's just nervous to be in a new environment.  Whatever it is, it's day four and Mama is tired.  If she cries again tonight, Gracie may not make it through the two-week foster care period.

I've read that I should put her bed in the bedroom with us, yet the thought of waking up with a cat in my bed creeps me out.  Her staring at me while I'm eating is a big enough adjustment.  I'm not a hardcore cat person (yet).

If there are any cat owners reading this, I'd love some feedback, advice, or words of encouragement on how to get Gracie to stop crying at night. That would be purr-fect.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Beyonce Brings the Heat to CVS

It's sad to say, but the highlight of my day was popping in my local CVS.

Correction, make that my notoriously disorganized local CVS.  But to my surprise there was a new addition to the poorly stocked store -- a display for Beyonce's Heat fragrance.  

The drug store is offering the fragrance (0.5-1.7 oz.) and an exclusive two-piece gift set starting at $19.99.  Meanwhile, Heat is still priced at $49-$75 on So this is one time the recession is working to our advantage.  

I gave the perfume a sniff test and it's a decidedly sexy, girly scent. The floral and fruity notes of magnolia, almond macaroon, honeysuckle nectar, blush peach, and amber blend nicely.

As an added incentive, if you use your ExtraCare card you get $5 extra CVS bucks for any Heat purchase.   I'm not sure how long the deal will last, so I suggest picking up your bottle or gift set ASAP. 

And I'm not the only one who loves CVS (love the chain, loathe my neighborhood store).  For more deals, check out the cool site "I Heart CVS."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Philly is for foodies, Part 2

Philly is for foodies, Part 2

I love Philly and have written about the city several time.  Click the above link to read about my latest excursion to the city of brotherly love on my NY Getaways Examiner column.  Hint, it's all about food!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everything is 50% Off at Conway in Brooklyn's Fulton Mall!

Attention all Brooklyn/NYC bargain shoppers: The Conway department store in the Fulton Mall is closing and moving a few blocks closer to Court Street.  Until mid-next week everything is 50% off!

The 505 Fulton Street store is a complete mess, but if you enjoy digging for half-price treasure like I do, you will find something.  I scored five items for $12, and there is plenty of merchandise left including trendy tees for men and women; plus-size dresses; casual tops; pajama sets; and summer sandals.

Me and Conway go way back.  I've been following the store's trademark pink bags since I visited New York City on shopping trips.  Since I've lived here, my love affair with the mini-chain has continued (we took a break after a security guard at the Fulton Mall store decided he needed to search each female customer's purse).

Conway's new space was formerly occupied by ABC Discount store and is a sign of things to come.  Plans are underway to make the Fulton Mall a more upscale shopping destination. The local Macy's sure could use a makeover and some restocking, so hopefully things will improve there.  And I sure hope the rumors of an H&M in 2012 are true.

But until then, I'll happily continue bargain hunting.  To get you in the budget fashionista mood, I'm offering $5 off coupons for Conway's new store to the first five local readers.

Here's how to win:

1) Respond to this post with your first name and type, "I want my Conway coupon."

2) Subscribe to Tracy's Pop & Shop.  

The coupon is good for $5 off any purchase of $20 or more during Conway's Grand Opening at 427 Fulton Street btwn Jay Street and Pearl Street.  It's valid through September 15, 2010.  

So don't delay.  Respond to this post ("I want my Conway coupon") and subscribe to Tracy's Pop & Shop.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Beautiful Brooklyn Afternoon with Bilal

Today the neo-soul gods were smiling. Bilal Oliver baptized a bohemian standing-room crowd in a downtown Brooklyn park with his anointed, soul-stirring musings.  It was a scene straight out of a Howard University Homecoming gathering on the Yard.  Natural hairstyles bobbed to the gospel-delic soul, blues and jazz that came shrieking from Bilal's diminutive frame. Tyra tells top models to model from head-to-toe. Bilal sings from head-to -toe.

I've been a fan of the Philly kid since his cult classic debut, 1st Born Second, dropped in 2001.  Since then he's been a fixture on stage and in the studio with Common and Erykah Badu.  Bilal has the silver-tongued swagger of a revival tent preacher, the quirky cool of Miles, and the falsetto-blessed sex appeal of Prince. He slowly wooed the predominantly brown and beautiful female audience with new and old material.

The afternoon hit a crescendo during his live rendition of the self-deprecating and self-affirming testament "Sometimes." By the time he and his confident band grooved their way into "Soul Sista," Bilal's soul-stirring spell had been cast.  It's a wonder no one threw their panties on stage.  He was called back for an encore and still left us wanting more.

Bilal's highly-anticipated new album, Airtight's Revenge, will drop on September 14. The release will be celebrated that same date with a performance at B.B. King's in Times Square.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010

Mo'Nique Wins Based on Performance, Not Grooming

Mo'Nique didn't hold her tongue when she won her much-deserved Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of an abusive mother in "Precious." After causing quite a stir during the pre-Oscar "Push" for "Precious" by allegedly demanding more money and refusing to attend key film festivals to promote the film, Mo"Nique defiantly stated in her acceptance speech she was happy Hollywood honored her performance, and overlooked the politics.

If anyone else saw the comedian's interview on Barbara Walter's final Academy Award special, however, you know she also defiantly refuses to shave her legs. The Baltimore native explained to a visibly repulsed Babs that shaving is painful and that the one time she used a razor, her hair grew back thicker. Actually, I thought that was a myth and I have a nifty Gillette Venus razor she can borrow. But hey, whatever you say Mo'Nique. I'm just glad she wore that tasteful, gam-covering blue gown on Oscar night.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Looking For Splendicity and Hot Mama Daily?

As a friend once said to me, "it was fun while it lasted." On Friday, March 5th I received the unexpected news that Hot Mama Daily and the entire Splendicity beauty and style channel would no longer be, effective immediately. Lovely. Like it couldn't wait until after I added my two cents about tonight's Oscar fashion?

Since I wasn't given the opportunity to say goodbye on Hot Mama Daily, I'm hoping that a Google search will help some of my faithful readers find me here on my personal blog, Tracy's Pop & Shop. I had a blast writing and editing the blog for a year and a half, and I'm grateful for the experience. I'll miss all of your comments, contest entries, and constructive criticism.

But this isn't actually goodbye; it's simply see ya later. Stay tuned for the launch of my very own beauty/style/pop culture blog later this month. In the meantime, I will rant here on Tracy's Pop and Shop whenever I get the urge to dish on what's hot in bargain shopping and pop culture.