Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet My Bipolar Cat Gracie

I've been too preoccupied to blog here and on Everything She Wants lately.  Saturday my husband and I finally took the plunge and got a cat.  Sort of.  We are fostering a 10-month-old kitty from For Animals Inc.  Her name is Gracie.  She's an adorable brown and gray-striped tabby.  She's sweet and petite.  Well, at least the petite part is consistent.

Most of the time Gracie is a mellow baby.  She doesn't make much fuss...during the day. She naps, eats, purrs, and attacks her mouse toys.  We take turns petting, pampering, and playing with her.

At night, she's a different animal.

Once it's clear that we've gone to bed, around one in the morning she starts to meow.  And meow.  And meow some more.  

We've been putting her in the bathroom with her litter box and bed when we go out for the day and letting her have free reign of the living room at night.  But once the crying starts, in the bathroom she goes, where she continues her meow remix.

Did I mention she's adorable?  I'm getting really attached, however, I'm getting really annoyed too. We can't figure out if she's sick (she's been sneezing and may be trying to cough up a hair ball) or if she's just nervous to be in a new environment.  Whatever it is, it's day four and Mama is tired.  If she cries again tonight, Gracie may not make it through the two-week foster care period.

I've read that I should put her bed in the bedroom with us, yet the thought of waking up with a cat in my bed creeps me out.  Her staring at me while I'm eating is a big enough adjustment.  I'm not a hardcore cat person (yet).

If there are any cat owners reading this, I'd love some feedback, advice, or words of encouragement on how to get Gracie to stop crying at night. That would be purr-fect.


Jennifer said...

Kitties!!!! Love my little guy. Cats are more active at night. Your sweet little Gracie is just a little girl and wants some attention or some play time and that comes at night for our feline friends. It's a new home too for her so she might be a bit frightened. Give it some time, I bet she grows out of it. When Sam meows at night, we pick him up and give him a hug, that seems to satisfy him. Big hugs Jen (and Sam)

Emma said...

Some cats like to talk a lot at night. But, chances are, the best way to get her to do something else is to get a 2nd cat. Cats are social animals and most people will tell you it's easier to have two than one. They keep each other occupied & entertained, and they're happier.

Why do you lock her up when you're gone during the day? She'll mostly just sleep when you're not around in the daytime, and isn't like a dog who'll be destructive from boredom over long stretches. She'd like to be able to find a sunny windowsill or soft chair to cuddle on, I bet.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the great advice Jenn and Emma!

Anonymous said...

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