Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leanne Won Project Runway Season 5, But I Still Love Korto

All three ladies put on a strong showing at Fashion Week. Although the color scheme of ocean blue and white was a tad boring, Leanne's collection was elegant, architectural and modern. Korto's collection was vibrant, Afrocentric and glamorous. And Kenley, while still a supreme brat, showed some vintage-inspired flair and designs that would fly off the racks at Beacon's Closet. But boy does she need an attitude adjustment.


Loren said...

Uh, Barak Obama? Just kidding but I am sensing some stiff competition from the prez debate also on at 9:00. How could they? I vote for Korto but think Lee Ann will will.

Amy said...

It's Leanne's to lose. She's been solid the whole competition and her designs - while not my thing - are incredibly unique.

As for the debates... that's why we have DVR! :-)

Tracy said...

Thanks for commenting! Yes, I will be DVRing the debate too. Can't wait for Project Runway -- it's just 20 minutes away!