Monday, December 15, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure: MTV's The Hills

Ok, I'm late to party but I'm officially a fan of The Hills. I know, I shouldn't pay these privileged brats any attention. But the vapid cast is somehow so hard to resist.

Love Audrina's raven locks and dazed moments of silence. Can't stand that witchy Lo (if this weren't a PG-13 blog I'd really let her have it). I think Spidey deserve each other. Horsey Heidi isn't all bad (she's just a dim wit who wears way too much makeup), but that Spencer is pure evil. How could she marry a man who disrespects her mother every chance he gets? As you can see, I'm way too involved. And I really like that Whitney. She's probably the classiest member of the cast and I'm looking forward to watching her NYC spinoff The City. I really gotta get a life.

But now the real reason for this post. Again, I'm late to comment on this. But what's up with Lauren Conrad's 'stache? I'm sure she bleaches, but it's not working. Lauren's "character" is the best friend to all and done-wrong by many good girl, but I'm not buying it. I'll be watching you Conrad. And if you shed any more crocodile tears I'll...still be watching.