Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The $4722 wedding: I prove it can be done

Despite all the shameless self-promotion I've done recently, I'm actually more comfortable as the observer, rather than the observed.

But since I'm passionate about bargain shopping and helping others get the look for less, I'm truly proud of the budget wedding story I wrote for the New York Daily News. The positive comments were sweet and unexpected, and hopefully I gave other atypical brides ideas on how to cut costs for their big day.

Here's a link: The $4722 wedding: One Brooklyn bride proves it can be done (NY Daily News, Sept. 21)


LoveIT said...

Tracy, thanks for the inspiring article! I'm also looking for a wedding like yours and got a lot of ideas from it. I actually booked the BBG yesterday. But here's my concern... The Japanese garden seems rather small. It looks like, from your picture, that you had it in the viewing pavilion. How many people did you fit in there? And did it feel crowded? Could you let me know a bit more about the ceremony than what you wrote in the article? I would really really appreciate it!! Thank you!