Friday, June 01, 2007

The Mod Squad

These are a few of the priceless, '60s frocks I found at Beacon's Closet
(photos below), the notorious Brooklyn consignment shop where you can buy, sell, and trade for clothing and accessories. If you've been turned off by the sometimes snooty attitude of Beacon's hipster employees, don't let that stop you from getting your thrift on. After all, having Beacon's turn down the bags of what you thought were pretty cool clothes that you lugged from your not-so-close abode, is like a fearless shopper's right of passage. And the more you become familar with Beacon's style, the luckier you'll be. My last trip, I got credit for $95!

The Park Slope store (220 5th Ave.; 718-230-1630) has a reliable mix of contemporary pieces from H&M, Forever 21, and other fashionable outlets and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. At the Williamsburg store (88 N. 11th St.; 718-486-0816) -- where I traded several pair of too-skinny, skinny jeans I got on FreeCycle and scored my first and only Coach bag -- leans more towards vintage and designer apparel.

Now I have my own Vintage Store on Etsy, Tracy's Pop & Shop Too, where you can purchase two of the dresses pictured (not the black multi-color dress from Paris because it's one of my favorites).

Long red and blue dress originally from Rome

Black, multi-color dress originally from Paris

Blue and white flower dress originally from Rome


Cupcake Queen said...

gorgeous gorgeous dresses! I'm jealous! I definately need to make my way to Beacons when I come to NY again!!

DuEwa said...

Hi Tracey,
I am enjoying reading your post and I just had to comment on this one about Beacon's Closet. My sister and I (we're Midwest girls who've enjoyed thrift/vintage shopping for years) have traded and attempted to sale and trade clothes at Beacon's closet. My poor sister took a cart load of some of our name brand clothing, shoes and handbags from the last 4-5 years to the 5th Ave. store. When she came back home after going to the store in hopes to sale/trade all of the items, she came back saying, "They only took one dress," and she said after they went through her items, they said that they kept a "yellow dress" that my sister doesn't even recall being in one of the bags of clothing she brought. And she said the employee was very rude and "snappy." I've experienced the same sort of smug attitude at the one in Williamsburg. I thought it was just me! Well they gave my sister a credit of $6 or something like that. It is a great store, but you're definitely not going to make a killing $$$ wise no matter what you bring in. You just have to do it for the love of the trade/credit!

Happy shopping!