Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Fearless Clothing Swapper

Check me out in New York Magazine: Tracy at Swap-O-Rama! The writer approached me because I had so many darn bags. I know before I venture to a swap that I'm gonna leave with more than I came with, but I really outdid myself at the Swap-O-Rama in April. Since then, I've been to countless swaps, including the recent, hot-and-sticky Thrift On! on the Botanica Bar in the East Village.

And swaps aren't the only place to find cool clothes for free. Take a look at the above photos to see a couple great garments I found on the street. Wow, I really am a bag lady, huh?

I found the long, vintage plaid skirt after an abandoned stoop sale in downtown Brooklyn. It had the $40 price tag from Ollie's -- a vintage store in Carroll Gardens -- still attached. And the unique, checker and flower print dress...well... I grabbed that sucker from under a fence in Clinton Hill. No, I'm not kidding. I'm serious about my freebies and that fence wasn't going to come between me and a cool dress. Remember, only suckers pay retail!